Discover the taste of tradition: Loco Galbasa, the Sicilian gold on your table
Loco Galbasa, l'oro di Sicilia in tavola


The story of Loco Galbasa is the story of a dream born in the early twentieth century, from the desire of a man who hoped one day to return to live and work in his land. Our company was born from the idea of Don Antonino Musso, forefather of the family, who in 1922 returned from the United States to resettle in Villafranca Sicula, a town in the Agrigento hinterland surrounded by the richness of Sicilian nature.

With the savings of his hard work abroad, Don Antonino had the intention of buying that old farmhouse dating back to 1860, now the headquarters of our company, which had previously belonged to the noble Sicilian family De Michele. Due to various hardships, however, his business plan had to wait until 1963, when his son Michele was able to take over the property of the farmhouse still unsold. From that day his father's dream was made possible, giving rise to an olive farm of remarkable importance that praises the production of an organic olive oil among the best ones of Sicily.

Today, a century after the beginning of that dream, Loco Galbasa is a consolidated reality that meets the highest international quality standards. Currently the company is managed by the great-grandson Sandro Domenico Musso, who has collected with great passion the baton of his predecessors. His tenacity and determination to innovate the systems of agricultural production has brought considerable and constant improvements to an organic oil of excellent quality.


Located 480 meters above sea level, Loco Galbasa looks south to the wonderful Mediterranean Sea and the beautiful island of Pantelleria, in a territorial context of rare scenic beauty.

Our estate covers about 20 hectares where lots of centuries-old trees make up a wealth of valuable native olive cultivars: among them the Biancolilla and Nocellara del Belice, and to a lesser extent neglected varieties, which give the final product unique scents and flavors.

Each year we program the olive harvest at the right time of veraison (the beginning of the ripening of the fruit) and the milling within 6-12 hours after harvesting: this process contributes to strong diurnal and nocturnal temperature changes to create a product of unquestionable quality.

Our olive production is part of the most traditional methods of organic farming certified by ICEA, and is also included in the disciplinary PGI Sicily and PDO Val di Mazara.

Respecting all the standards of organic farming, we carry out fertilization through green manure, a practice of cultivation with certified organic field beans that allows to release natural substances such as nitrogen into the soil without the use of chemicals and nourish the plants in a balanced way. For the traditional spraying of the olive grove we use only certified organic copper-based products.

To complete our work, the quality of production is subjected to strict controls by organic certification bodies, both in the field and on the final product: ICEA certifies the quality of the olives, while Accredia provides multi-residual chemical analysis, thanks to intensive tests (over 400 parameters) that attest to the total absence of non-permitted products.

In this way the final consumer will have the complete guarantee of an organic product monitored from the beginning to the end of production, bringing to the table both the quality and safety of a top quality oil.